Edge gilding roll, electrically heated

Width: 50 mm

Power supply: 230 V / 50 - 60 Hz (AC)


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Power supply
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Item number: 6050-050
Power supply: 230 V / 50 - 60 Hz (AC)
Product information "Edge gilding roll, electrically heated"
  • to be controlled by external thermostat

Application: to apply a shiny gold or silver layer to book block edges by means of special edge-gilding foil. This foil is equipped with a thermo-reactive shiny layer. When applying the foil with the edge-gilding roll, it is detached from the carrier by heat and pressure and is transferred to the book edge.

Recommended accessories:
- Thermostat, item no. 6707-010 for 230 V (respectively 6707-020 for 110 V)
- Edge-gilding primer, item no. 3845-001 (may be required when gilding coated papers and cardboard)
- Edge-gilding foil, item nos. 3847XXXX and 38482XXX

Properties of "Edge gilding roll, electrically heated"
Width (in mm): 50
Other properties
Minimum order quantity: as of 1 piece
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Yes, this is not a problem. Configuration will need to be: Wall socket > Extension cord > Adapter (in case you are not using a German plug) > Thermostat > Gilding Tool
Yes, you will need to keep the gilding tool plugged into the thermostat to continuously heat the roller (to keep the temperature stable).
Basically, the safest way to avoid damaging the roll is to heat it slowly to the desired level (usually around 6-7), as described in the instructions. This may take some time (maybe even an hour).

It is also possible to set the thermostat to maximum for heating. However, there is a risk that the core of the roll gets too hot (it should never be heated above 200 °C, otherwise the rubber will start to break down), so we do not recommend this procedure. If you do this, the temperature must be constantly monitored to avoid overheating.
The temperature setting should be maintained during the work (at about 6-7) so that the roller is kept at the temperature of about 160°C. You do not have to turn the thermostat off.
You can use sandpaper with a grain size of 200/600/1200/2000. For more helpful tips, feel free to check out our tutorial: https://schmedt.com/guides-tutorials/edge-gilding-with-edge-gilding-roll
In general, you can try with any kind of heat-activated foil (hot-stamping foil) that you normally use to emboss titles on leather. Real gold foil usually sticks better than regular (aluminum-based) foil.
You should use our primer (in combination with heat-sensitive foil) if you have difficulties getting it to hold without the primer (first use always without primer). The primer normally is applied with a cotton cloth (not a brush). It should be carefully applied to not apply too much, because the pages could stick together if you use too much.

As a side note: Primer for hand gilding (pure real gold, not a heat-sensitive foil) is not suitable for use with heat-sensitive (hot-stamping) foil, because the foil has heat-sensitive adhesive included, which is not compatible with that kind of primer.
This really depends on the foil used and the surface that you want to apply the foil to.

In the past, our foil that we sold required quite a lot of force to apply. Since December 2021, our edge gilding foil is much easier to apply.

If you are not using our old foil (or other foil such as hot stamping foil), a high amount of pressure may be required to make the foil stick. Therefore, you might have to place the edge gilding roll in your shoulder and really apply high pressure. Try to roll over repeatedly from different angles (e.g. flat, slight left angle, slight right angle). Once you think you are and feel like the book has been covered, carefully lift the foil and if you see it has not applied everywhere put it down and fix it to the same position to go over the parts that did not hold with the gilding roll again (if you were to use new foil, this would result in two layers of foil in some parts, which are visible in the end).
For the foil, you can go up to ~160°C without burning the foil, you do not have to worry about that. However, be careful to slowly heat up the roller, as it might get damaged otherwise. If you are using our thermostat, heat up with setting 6-6,5 and if you want to be really sure, wait for at least 30 minutes to ensure an even heat application.


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