Edge gilding with gold leaf

Besides edge-gilding with our edge-gilding roller and foil we also offer tools and consumables for gilding with real gold leaf such as gilding knives, agate burnishers, gold leaf, binding agent, gilder's tip and gilding cushion.

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Featured products

Agate burnisher
to burnish a gilding with gold leaf
Version: curved | Width (in mm): 20

Gilder's tip (gold lifter)
for leaf-gilding
Size: 4" | Width (in mm): 100

Variants from €10.23*
From €16.13*
Auroschnitt - Edge-gilding primer
Edge-gilding primer for gold leaf

From €17.36*
for manual sewing
Contents: Piece / 100 g

Variants from €2.11*
From €5.44*
Gold leaf
Booklet with 25 sheets, size 80 x 80 mm
Version: 20 carat citron gold

Variants from €46.40*
From €48.44*
da Vinci Dusting brush
in natural lacquered wood
Material: horse hair

Variants from €6.32*
From €6.83*
Pressing board for edge-gilding
made of beechwood, conical
Dimensions: 155 x 150 mm

Gilding cushion covered with suede
and wind protection

Double-screw edge gilding press
made of waxed beechwood
Width (in mm): 350 (between the screws)

Gilding knife with steel blade
Total length: 26 cm

From €44.46*