Case-making using our squares

If you are going to create your own book case, you may use our case-making squares. These help you to easily position boards and spine on the cover sheet so that the case will be straight and square.

Note: Enable subtitles for a description of the work steps.

Featured products

Casemaking square made of aluminium
T-shaped, with one joint bar
Joint width (mm): 6

Spine gauge for book case production
to calculate the correct spine width of flexible spines

Casemaking square made of aluminium
with adjustable spine width

Bonefolder, pointed
one end pointed, one end rounded
Total length (in mm): 160

Variants from €3.28*
From €4.04*
Teflon® folder
will not glaze or mark delicate materials
Dimensions: 150 x 15 x 6 mm

From €15.53*
Grey board (chipboard) / sheet stock
made of 100 % recycled paper
Format: 75 x 100 cm | Grammage: 500 gsm

Content: 1 Stück (€70.35* / 100 Stück)

Variants from €0.50*
From €0.70*
Grey board, superior quality / sheet stock
both sides strongly glazed - high rigidity
Format: 51,5 x 76 cm | Material thickness (in mm): 2,0

Variants from €1.82*
From €3.45*
Planatol BB
Dispersion glue for a wide range of bookbinding works
Contents: Tin / 1,05 kgs

Variants from €6.99*
From €11.53*
Planatol plastic glue pot
with lid and wiping ring

From €7.61*