Easily marble paper yourself with Ascocolor®

Marble is a limestone that has a special colour structure. When marbling paper, you want to achieve such colour structures or marble effects and capture them on paper. For DIY enthusiasts, this is also possible at home and not many tools are required. The special thing about marbling paper is that the marble effect looks different every time, each piece of paper being unique. The good thing is, anyone with a little patience and enjoyment can actually learn how to marble paper.

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Featured products

AscoColor eco - set of marbling dyes
Water-based acrylic dyes with organic pigments

From €27.38*
AscoColor® set of marbling dyes
special dye on oil basis

From €82.57*
Marbling tray
with reservoir for used dyes
Dimensions: 480 x 630 mm

Variants from €94.83*
From €121.29*
Marbling tray made of acrylic glass
Size: 52 x 37 x 5 cm (inner dimensions)

From €86.63*
Marbling comb
with cover case
Pin spacing: 20 mm | Version: 2 rows

Variants from €19.60*
From €40.20*
Marbling comb
with cover case
Pin spacing: 5 mm | Version: 1 row

From €19.60*
Plastic pipettes for marbling
for the application of marbling dyes

From €0.10*
Gelasco - Marbling primer
on cellulose basis

Variants from €8.69*