Case-making machines

The process of case-making is an integral part of the production of hardcover books. We offer various options for the production of book cases: from manual to semi-automatic production. The focus is always on high quality and minimum set-up times, even with changing formats. In addition to book cases, our machines are also used to produce boxes, slipcases, folders, game boards, calendars and other products made of cardboard covered with material - from individual items to series production.

Entry-level solution for case-making

Our entry-level solution (up to 70 pieces per hour) for case-making consists of the PräDeka system (combination of the PräDeck and PräKant, which can also be purchased separately). These are space-saving tabletop machines that enable production with changing formats and in small batches, while maintaining consistently high quality. The PräDeka system can be expanded to include the PräziCoat gluing machine shown in the picture and an automatic water supply with the PräVis.

Entry-level solution for high-quality hardcovers

Hardcovers in large format and with special materials - no problem for our PräDeka XL

Our mid-range PräDeka XL machine covers the widest format range, while at the same time significantly increasing output. With the PräDeka XL, almost any format can be produced, from small book covers to large menus and sample books. The solution is designed for single book production as well as for series production in industrial bookbinderies and printing plants. It enables a production of up to 120 pieces per hour and allows the processing of DIN formats A6 to A3 portrait & landscape.

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Barcode-controlled on-demand production with the Cover-1 system

Our most productive hardcover line is a professional and automated book-on-demand solution for barcode-controlled case-making of over 250 pieces per hour - the Cover-1 system. In the full-featured Cover-1 system, all components of the book cover are cut on-demand for the particular book being processed at the time, so no manual preparatory work (such as cutting the cover material or boards) is required.

On-demand case-making

All case-makers

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Corner-punching machine with built-in jogger

PräziCoat | Two-roller gluing machine
for cold and hot glue
Roller width (mm): 400 | Type: 400

PräziCoat | Two-roller gluing machine
for cold and hot glue
Roller width (mm): 520 | Type: 520

Variants from €4,250.00*
PräziCoat | Two-roller gluing machine
for cold and hot glue
Roller width (mm): 720 | Type: 720

Variants from €4,250.00*
PräziCase Pro | Case-making machine
Semi-automatic casemaker for hardcover cases
Case width (mm): 229 - 660 229 - 787
Type: SC3 XL

Price on request

PräziSheet | Automatic cover material trimmer
Machine to cut printed cover material to size

Price on request

PräziCoat Pro TS | Gluing machine
with automatic viscosity control

Price on request

PräziTrim | Automatic board trimmer
Trimming of cover and spine boards for book cases

Price on request

Cover-1 | Case-making system
Semi-automatic, barcode-controlled system

Price on request

Pneumatic corner cutter

PräDeck | Case-making device
Part of entry-level case-making system PräDeka

PräKant | Turning-in machine
Part of entry-level case-making system PräDeka

PräDeka XL | Case-making machine
Semi-automatic casemaker for hardcover cases

Price on request

PräRund | Rounding machine for book cases
for book covers with round spines

PräVis | Automatic water feed
to regulate the viscosity of adhesives