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New, environmentally friendly marbling dyes: AscoColor eco

We are expanding our portfolio of marbling dyes under the AscoColor eco brand, with a focus on environmental compatibility.

New, fancy binding cloth

Find out now what is behind the new names Tosco, Palast and Crinkle. With the unique structure of the cloth as well as the fresh, modern colours, every book becomes distinctive.

Leather for bookbinding: An overview

In this blog post we look at leather for bookbinding. How did leather come to be used in bookbinding? What is needed to make books with leather bindings? What is the proper care of book leather? How can books with leather bindings be decorated and personalised?

Old craftsmanship meets modern technology

Sarah Stahl has been the owner of the Cologne bookbindery Mensch since 2010. At the end of November 2019, the master bookbinder put the new PräLeg XS casing-in machine and the PräForm XS for pressing in books from Schmedt into operation. In the interview, she reveals what prompted her to take this step and describes her experiences.