Velcro Dots and Tape
Single-sided self-adhesive or counter-laminated hook and loop dots and tapes, available in various widths, diameters and colours.
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Velcro tape, self-adhesive
Roll length: 25 mts
Colour: black white
Width (in mm): 16 20

From €8.28*
Velcro tape | back-to-back (limited)
Width: 16 mm - Roll length: 25 mts

From €16.23*
Velcro dots
back side self-adhesive
Colour: black white
Diameter (in mm): 16 20 19

Variants from €12.77*
From €12.85*
Velcro dots | Combined hook and loop dot
back side self-adhesive - Size: 33 x 12 mm
Colour: black, white

From €119.69*