Cleaning and separating agents
Adhesives can heavily contaminate machines, surfaces, work equipment and tools. For cleaning, special solutions are needed to dissolve and clean dried and set dispersions, hot melts and PUR adhesives. We offer various cleaning and separating agents for adhesives, e. g. Melt-O-Clean, hand-cleaning agents, rust remover, French chalk, silicone and antistatic sprays.
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Planatolin D
Solvent for dispersion glues
Contents: Tin / 0.88 kgs

From €17.78*
Planatolin D
Solvent for dispersion glues
Contents: Can / 8.5 kgs

Variants from €17.78*
From €171.81*
Planatolin HM - cleaning agent
for hotmelt glues - Can / 4.5 kgs

From €60.35*
Planatolin PUR - solvent
for PUR adhesives - Can / 5 kgs

From €74.02*
Planatolin PUR 22 - cleaner
for PUR and hotmelt adhesives - Bag / 20 kgs

From €320.91*
Cleaning soap for brushes
Tin / 85 g

From €8.63*
MZ3 paste - rust remover
Tin / 750 g

From €21.65*
Crepe eraser (glue eraser)
to remove adhesive residues

From €2.78*
Vaseline separating agent
Plastic tin / 120 gr

From €7.48*