Conservation glue

Restoration is a very demanding and wide-ranging field of work and often requires special processing materials. When it comes to glue, too, the right glue must be chosen for the object, the desired result and the appropriate field of work. We stock the following glues for many applications: gelatine, Glutofix, rabbit glue, hide glue, wheat starch, algae glue, cellulose, bone glue, rice starch, sturgeon bubbles, sturgeon glue and Tylose.

Animal glues

Glutin glues are water-soluble, natural adhesives obtained from animal waste by boiling. This produces a jelly called glue. The main ingredient, glutin, is a mixture of substances similar to gelatine. According to the starting material for production, glutin glues are distinguished as bone glue, hide glue, rabbit glue, fish glue and hen bladder glue. Particularly purified glutin glue is known under the collective term gelatine and is used, among other things, in restoration.

Vegetable glues

The classics here are starches (usually in powder form) from cereals for the production of starch paste. This is an important adhesive for paper and cardboard in restoration and conservation. In addition to the classic rice and wheat starch, we also stock the special Japanese wheat starch Shofu. The algae glue FuNori also belongs to the genus of vegetable glues, which is particularly suitable for bonding fibres in the production of very tear-resistant paper, but also for tears in painting restoration.

Cellulose-based glues

Cellulose-based glues are also frequently found in restoration. They are extremely difficult for microorganisms to attack, are physiologically harmless and water-soluble. Glutofix, for example, is a cold-water-soluble, preservative- and solvent-free methylcellulose adhesive. Another product from this group is Tylose MH (methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose), which is used, for example, for reversible, ?exible bonding and for gluing paper as well as for bonding and fixing water-emp?ndable products. We also supply Klucel G (hydroxypropyl cellulose), which, dissolved in cold water, is suitable for fixing paints, while, dissolved in solvents, it can be used with water-emp?ndable products, e.g. for strengthening and impregnating water-emp?ndable leathers and for gluing water-emp?ndable papers.

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Rabbit-skin glue, granulated
for conservation & preservation

From €9.86*
Hide glue in pearls
for conservation & preservation

From €7.92*
Sturgeon glue pellets (isinglass)
for low-strain bondings

From €1.71*
Sturgeon glue (isinglass)
for low-strain bondings

From €1.28*
Gelatine Type 1
for conservation & preservation

From €17.40*
Gelatine Type 2
for conservation & preservation

From €17.40*
Gelatine Type 3
for conservation & preservation

From €17.40*
Gelatine Type 4
for conservation & preservation

From €17.40*
Hot animal glue
Modified special adhesive on animal glutin basis

From €9.01*
Japanese wheat starch Shofu

From €0.04*
Japanese algae glue FuNori
for conservation & preservation

Content: 1 Stück (€58.70* / 100 Stück)

From €0.59*
Tylose MH 300 P2
methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose (MH)

From €28.35*
Tylose MH 50 G4
methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose (MH)

From €35.11*
Klucel G Hydroxypropyl cellulose
non-ionic water-soluble cellulose ether

Content: 1 Stück (€9.55* / 100 Stück)

From €0.10*
Planatol RH 8
Starch paste, viscid

Variants from €39.50*
From €176.26*
Wheat starch powder

From €2.07*
Rice starch powder

From €6.68*
Glutofix - Cellulose paste powder
Contents: box with 125 g

From €4.45*