PUR glue
PUR adhesives are reactive hot-melt adhesives based on polyurethane. They can be used to achieve high-strength bonds. Reactive polyurethane (PU) hotmelt adhesives are melted in a solid state (candles, granules) and applied to the bonding surface while hot. PUR adhesives are still soft after processing, then cure via a chemical reaction with the paper fibres and with moisture from the environment. PUR-based adhesives offer high heat resistance and high resistance to other chemicals. This results in an end product that is flexible in hot and cold conditions and extremely durable.
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PräMelt PUR 3317
PUR adhesive for perfect binders

From €37.72*
PräMelt PUR Cleaner All-in-One
Intensive cleaner for PUR adhesives

From €35.00*
PräMelt PUR Cleaner 2
Cleaner for PUR adhesive in perfect binders

From €11.37*
Planatol PUR 2880
Candle / 2 kgs

From €23.84*
S-PUR 2022
reactive PU hotmelt glue (PUR hotmelt)

From €29.33*