Metal Book Corners Falcon

Decorative corner with curved wings

Colour: gold | Dimensions: 35 x 35 mm
Product information "Metal Book Corners Falcon"
The corners of books, menus, diaries etc. are susceptible to damage due to heavy use. With the help of metal corners, the products are not only visually enhanced, but also receive reliable protection.

Application: to attach to the corners of books, pocket diaries, menus, folders etc. to protect them from damages or for decoration purposes

To fix the corners, we recommend our book corner press PräPremo (up to 30 mm length) and/or our PräPremo Pro (up to 50 mm length).

Properties of "Metal Book Corners Falcon"
Opening width: approx. 4.0 mm
Surface & Texture
Surface: brass-plated
Technical details
Type: Falcon
Material: Metal
Other properties
Minimum order quantity: as of 500 pieces
Type: Falcon
Version: curved

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PräPremo | Manual book corner press
to fix metal book corners

PräPremo Pro | Pneumatic book corner press
Pneumatic press to fix metal book corners



Metals corners, slim
with pointed corner - 14 x 14 mm

Variants from €0.05*
Metal Book Corner Straight
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Variants from €0.04*
Metal Book Corner Straight | coloured
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Variants from €0.07*
Metal Book Corner Colibri
Decorative corner with curved wings

Variants from €0.05*
Metal Book Corner Round
Large, triangular decorative corners

Variants from €0.07*

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