Mull III - triple-threaded

Cotton cloth with 3 warp threads

Format: Sheeted - 103 x 70 cm SG
Product information "Mull III - triple-threaded"
Wide-meshed, impregnated cotton cloth with 3 warp threads to reinforce the back of book blocks after fanbinding
Properties of "Mull III - triple-threaded"
Colour: natural
Surface & Texture
Surface: impregnated
Texture: wide-meshed
Technical details
Elongation at break (in %): 2,5 (Warp), 3 (Weft)
Tensile strengh (in N/50 mm): 100 (Weft), 230 (Warp)
Usage: Backlining/Reinforcing
Warp threads (in cm²): 18 (triple-threaded)
Weft threads (in cm²): 10
Grammage: 59 gsm
Material: 100 % cotton
Paper backing: no
Finished products
Finished products: book blocks for hardcover
Other properties
Minimum order quantity: as of 1 sheet
Usage: Backlining/Reinforcing

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