PräTack K22

Dispersion glue for laminating

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Item number: 36200405
Contents: Bag-in-Box / 5 kgs
Product information "PräTack K22"
PräTack K22 is a fast-setting all-purpose laminating glue for untreated and treated materials.

Application: for laminating materials with untreated surfaces like paper, carton, board, bookbinding materials etc. together or with other materials with treated surfaces.
Also suitable for gluing coated surfaces (e. g. English Buckram) against each other.

To facilitate drawing off glue, we supply a metal support frame (item 3798-010) and different drain nozzles (items 3798-100 and -110) for Bag-in-Box.

Properties of "PräTack K22"
Colour: white
Adhesive properties
Adhesive: PVAc = Polyvinyl acetate
Setting (Water-curing) time: short
Viscosity (in mPas): 4000 ± 400
pH value: 4 - 6
Other properties
Type: Dispersion (cold glue)
Usage: Laminating coated with coated surfaces (e. g. Englisch Buckram on Englisch Buckram), Laminating of coated with absorbent surfaces, Laminating untreated with other absorbent surfaces
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August 11, 2020 00:00


Dient zur Herstellung von Speisekarten. Buchbinderarbeit. Bestens geeignet.

February 20, 2019 00:00


Wie immer, für meine Zwecke perfekt

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