Sidra | Apple leather

vegan apple-based leather alternative

Colour: 007 - apple green
Product information "Sidra | Apple leather"
Sidra is the bio-based alternative to genuine leather. It is manufactured with approx. 40 % apple components. The apples are pressed after harvesting and processed into juice. The derivatives of this process are pulverised and are then used to make Sidra.

This apple leather has a pleasant soft touch with a matt surface. It can therefore be processed very well and is excellent for hot-foil stamping. It may also be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
  • Format : on rolls
  • Width (in mm) : 700

Application: for high quality books, photo books, albums, menus, boxes etc.

Order quantities up to 5 lin. metres may not be returned and are not exchanged.

Cutting service: If requested, we may precut the goods according to your requirements. Precut goods may also not be returned and are not exchanged.

By request, we may also supply this product with a roll width of 140 cm. MOQ depending on availability either 25 or 50 lin. metres.

Properties of "Sidra | Apple leather"
Format: on rolls
Material thickness (in mm): 0.68
Roll Length (in m): 25
Width (in mm): 700
Surface & Texture
Surface: matt
Texture: smooth
Grammage: 250 gsm
Material: approx. 40% apple, approx. 60% polyester and polyurethane
Paper backing: no
Finished products
Finished products: book covers, photobooks, photo albums, menus, diaries, packagings
Other properties
Ecological features: UV resistant, dyed with natural pigments, hard-wearing, vegan, wipeable
Finishing / Printability: Hot-foil stamping, Blind embossing
Minimum order quantity: as of 1 linear meter

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Our apple leather Sidra has been specifically developed for bookbinding. It is thin enough to not need any skiving/thinning out before processing and conveniently comes on rolls. There are other vegan (apple) leather alternatives that are good alternatives for other applications such as clothing, footwear and accessories.
Our apple leather Sidra is quite durable and resistant to wear and tear. It is also water-resistant and can be wiped clean easily. We have tested it together with menu card producers who approve of the material.
Vegan apple leather is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional leather. Vegan leather does not involve the use of animals in any way, making it a more ethical choice for those who are concerned about animal welfare. Furthermore, the production of and coloring of traditional leather can be harmful to the environment, while apple leather is made from approx. 40% apple waste and approx. 60% synthetic materials that are less harmful.
Hi! It is a synthetic leather (not animal leather), so we would not recommend thinning it out. But this is also not required at all. We have tested the product by making books and menu cards and the material works, thickness is not an issue.

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