Our portfolio includes an extensive range of scissors for a wide variety of applications in bookbinding and book restoration, e.g. bookbinding scissors, paper scissors, leather scissors, cardboard scissors, multi-purpose scissors, etc.

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Headband scissors
nickel-plated - 15 cm total length

From €25.13*
Safety scissors with anti-scratch protection
with protected blade edges

From €16.07*
Pocket scissors, rounded
Total length (in mm): 130, 150

From €7.65*
Bookbinder's scissors - premium quality
with pointed blade - 16 cm total length

From €15.60*
Leather scissors
with strong blades
Total length (in mm): 180 210

From €20.48*
Board scissors
Extra heavy version
Total length (in mm): 210 190 230

From €16.73*
Scissors with plastic handle
low-priced version
Total length (in mm): 160 210 255

From €2.10*
Multi-purpose scissors
with red rubber handles for comfortable grip
Total length (in mm): 160 210 140 155 255

From €2.16*
Multi-purpose scissors
with plastic handle
Total length (in mm): 160 180 210

From €6.21*
Paper scissors
with long, pointed blades
Total length (in mm): 230 260

From €4.41*
Multi-purpose scissors
with titanium-plated blades

From €4.26*
Stitching-wire scissors
with pliers-shaped point to hold the wire

From €25.58*