Specifically for Conservation
As a specialist in bookbinding supplies, we have always had points of contact with the field of book and graphic restoration. In close cooperation with experts in the field of book restoration and conservation, we have enhanced our range of tools and equipment in 2018. For us, the move from making books to repairing and conserving them was a natural one, as many of our products have applications in both fields. On this page you will find all tools and equipment that are mainly used in restoration and conservation and were difficult to classify in other categories.

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Luminous film, white - set with inverter
Electroluminescent sheet light

Variants from €204.91*
From €349.13*
Spare luminous film, white
Electroluminescent sheet light

Variants from €99.00*
From €217.50*
Spare inverter for luminous film
Ballast for use with luminous film sheets

Variants from €108.00*
From €135.00*
pH indicator strips
Universal indicator / Box of 100 pcs
Measuring range: pH 0 - 6, pH 0 - 14, pH 5 - 10

From €28.57*
pH testing pen
with phenol red indicator solution

From €7.70*
Test paper for iron (II) and iron (III) ions
Box of 100 strips 20 x 70 mm

From €52.29*
Wide-neck jar, transparent
extra wide opening, white screw cap

From €1.38*
Plastic saucer set
5 plastic mixing saucers

From €7.30*
made of vulcanized latex, pH neutral
Version: hard, soft

From €5.61*
WISHAB paper sponge (AKAPAD)
made of vulcanized latex, pH neutral

From €8.46*
Dry-cleaning sponge (smoke sponge)
made of vulcanized natural rubber

From €5.24*
Paper cleaning pad
Size: 120 x 50 mm

From €5.65*
Water sprayer
Capacity: 1 ltr

Dahlia precision vaporizer
premium quality made in Japan from chrome-plated brass
Capacity: 320 ml, 920 ml

Ecobra Eraser pen with white

From €2.21*
Refill mines for Ecobra Eraser pen
Packet with 10 pcs

From €7.53*
Lead weights, snake-style (pair)
Length: 120 cm

From €21.90*
Book display pillow
to display historic and rare books

From €19.90*
Acrylic protection screen for erasing works
clear - Height: 250 mm, Thickness: 6 mm