Wooden tools

Traditional wooden tools for bookbinding.

Hand stitching, gilding, trimming, pressing, rounding. These are all activities and techniques that were done manually and with the help of wooden tools in times gone by. But even today, bookbinders still work in the traditional way and use wooden tools for this purpose. We supply sewing frames and accessories, hand bookbinding presses, gilding block presses, round wood and much more.

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Tightening handle
for double-screw press with wooden screws

Spare wooden screw with nut
for double screw presses with wooden spindles

Tightening handle (limited)
for double-screw press with iron screws

Support for double-screw press
Height: 90 cm

Trimming plane with circular blade
Width: 25 cm

Spare circular blade
for trimming-plane

Pair of binding bars for edge-gilding press
Width: 35 cm / (1 piece = 1 pair)

Sewing hook with wing-nut
for sewing frames

Upper band support for sewing frames
attached to sewing hook

Bottom band support for sewing frames
Total length: 6 cm

Sewing pin for sewing frames
to fix the sewing cord

Rounding block with 4 different roundings
made of wood / Length: approx. 40 cm

Wooden hammer, round
Diameter: 70 mm

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